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SHOWAM ORGANIC PRODUCTS INC. supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

2. Zero Hunger

We prevent soil degradation and regular use of chemical fertilizers, and helps to reduce hunger by restoring the soil as pristine soil, thereby deterring yield loss.

3. Good Health and Well-being

We work by manufacturing products to reduce nitrate nitrogen that accumulates in crops and reduce health hazards, especially for infants.

6. Clean water and sanitation

Contributes to improved water safety by reducing groundwater contamination caused by the use of chemical fertilizers.

15. Life on Land

We contribute to the promotion of soil fertility that allows crops to continue to grow.

Sustainable business practices and materials

Residues from sugarcane sugar production, the raw material for our fertilizers, continue to stay at sugar mills. They are used as fertilizer and returned to the soil naturally. Sugarcane is then produced again, and the residues become fertilizer. We will promote production and sales activities to build this cycle. The continued production of sugarcane is considered a sustainable cycle.

Alignment of products with the SDGs

Our goal is to prevent soil and groundwater contamination through the use of organic fertilizers and to reduce soil degradation caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers. Continued use of chemical fertilizers reduces crop yields and the future of agriculture is lost to soil degradation, so the use of products that improve soil and restore it to its natural state will help reduce food shortages and hunger.