"Organic Pure Brown"

SOPI Organic Fertilizer is made through the process of fermentation and decomposition of natural and organic materials. It is expected to produce stable soil and components restrained by the improvement effects. This activates microorganisms in the soil to prevent crop diseases leading to the reduction of the use of agricultural chemicals like pesticides and gently supplies organic materials for the crop to grow healthy. It also increases and improves the absorption power of the soil in holding and supplying nourishment and moisture which is useful to microorganisms to live. SOPI fertilizer effects last for a longer period.

Our fertilizer mainly derived from raw material coming from the plant itself. We produce it with the combination of organic matter and organic charcoal through the fermentation process.

The final decomposition of the organic matter becomes humus, it is composed of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms., which results in the aggregation structure of the soil.

The humic substances that become the binder retain moisture and have ion exchange capacity so that it retains nutrients of nitrogen and phosphorus and also retains minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, ammonia, calcium.sodium and cobalt) and Prevent spills.

Since it has excellent value to sustain nutrients, it forms rich soil. In the production of fertilizer, the power of useful microorganisms acts an important role in plant production.

In our company, manufacturing of fertilizer, we focus on growing useful microorganisms in the fermentation process that is essential for maximizing the nutrient contents which can help to improve the soil structure.

In the soil where plants grow, a lot of microorganisms that are engaging in the soil, to release more nutrients into the plant.

Microorganisms itself are the key to preventing repeated disorders and to suppress bad bacteria (microorganisms causing disease, insects, nematodes)

Good bacteria is important to stop the growth of bad bacteria that cause repeated disorders and it acts as microbial pesticides.

Plant growth hormone

A substance secreted in the course of the proliferation of useful microorganisms is called plant auxin (indole acetic acid) of plant growth hormone.

Auxin interferes with stem/root elongation growth, apical growth, fruit enlargement, rooting, tissue, growth of lateral buds, fruits, leaf detachment, etc.


The reason for organic farming is that the fruit becomes bigger, the vegetables become greener and the taste is said to be delicious and nutritious.

Our Organic product is a fertilizer called ORGANIC PURE BROWN. We formulated this product to help farmers grow their crops naturally and sustain the right nutrients, prevents plants from any disease and any pesticides that might cause harmful effect to the plant. Also, our fertilizer can make your fruits and vegetables sweeter than usual and more nutritious.