Our Mission


We engage our business under the mission of five (5) MENT.



We will not depend only on one business and only keep our business condition as it is. SOPI will always look forward to developing more organic products by acquiring new technology and materials. We aim to open more lines of business to give an opportunity to the community and to develop their status of living.


We will always hear customers feedback and improve our services and products through innovations. We will continue to improve in every aspect of the company for the benefit of our customers and to the environment.


We will manage the quality of the processes, products, employees works, selling products and company management following the government laws and in legal ways.


SOPI is committed to producing more products to alleviate the status of living of our customers, thus the company more likely to produce organic products to supplement the needs of the public and target market.


To promote the company not only in the Philippines, but to introduce SOPI to the international market, promoting environmentalism by using organic products and materials.

Our Vision

1. Producing high-quality organic products that will satisfy the needs of the customer and environmental sustainability.


2. Acquiring modern technologies and expanding our business worldwide.


3. Innovate and establish other lines of a business adopting the trend of the world market.


4.Commitment to customer’s satisfaction and welfare of the society and the environment.