Understanding Organic fertilizer

ORGANIC FERTILIZER is made through the process of fermentation and decomposition of natural and organic materials such as manure or compost, rice bran, livestock. 


MANURE is known as Complete fertilizer, it is packed with nutrients that plants need. Use of manure can keep plants green and healthy

BLOOD MEAL is dried powdered animal blood, it is usually derived from cattle and hogs. It increases soil nitrogen levels (nitrogen amendment). It helps the plant to grow greener and it is best for flowering and fruiting.

BONE MEAL is a powdered or ground bone of an animal. It promotes the increase of phosphorus and protein content of your plants.

BAT GUANO feces of a bat. It is a fast-acting soil conditioner. It acts as a natural fungicide, controls the nematodes in the soil. It can be used as a tea for watering a plant.

SHELLFISH FERTILIZER is made from crushed shells from crabs or other shellfish. It promotes the calcium which plants need. It contains CHITIN which increases the growth of an organism that fights the harmful pests nematodes. It allows slow-released nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

ROCK PHOSPHATE a lime-based rock powder. It contains a high amount of phosphate for healthy plant growth. Develops a strong root system. For vegetables, it will have fewer pests plus enhances the growth of flowers.

FISH EMULSION is a pulverized fish, It provides boost action of nitrogen to the plants.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer

It promotes the Slow release of nutrients for the plants to last longer.

Organic fertilizer improves the structure of the soil that makes your plants stronger.

Organic fertilizer is safe and easy to apply and it is a budget-friendly as natural resources are just available around us. 

Organic fertilizer does not use any artificial material, so you can make soil and human-friendly vegetables.

Therefore, ORGANIC FERTILIZER is safer to use because they provide nutrients into the soil which helps your plants to grow more healthy and strong.


  • Reduce the toxicity in the environment.
  • Reduce farm pollution
  • Builds healthy soil
  • Real taste and flavor
  • Will help farmers and their families
  • It is an environmentally friendly


Stands for NITROGEN, PHOSPHORUS, and POTASSIUM. These are 3 main macronutrients that fertilizer should have. This will increase the fertility of the soil for better plant growth.

NITROGEN (N) is responsible for growth and development. It has a component of chlorophyll which is responsible for photosynthesis making your plants leaves greener.

PHOSPHORUS (P) is responsible for the root growth, for better development of flowers and fruits. It is responsible for the development of plant oil, sugar, and starch.

POTASSIUM (K) provides essential nutrients that help the performance of the plant's functions very well. It increases plant immunity, prevents diseases or sickness of plants. It is responsible for producing good quality fruits and vegetables or any plants.