Sugarcane is where the sugar milling companies are made of. When they squeeze to get the juice from it, there is the by-product left which is the bagasse. The bagasse then burns, it is the waste of sugarcane which is being burnt and then throw or for some farmers they use it as energy fuel replacement for their machines. But with us, we mainly focus on making it as soil amendment meaning, we are going to distribute and sell it as raw, natural, no chemicals nor fermentation process is done. Most of the farmers, already know the benefit of this product as it has the highest water holding capacity for soil and the aeration is not difficult to have, which it can contribute to plant giving the more moisture and nourishment. It can neutralize the acidity of the soil.


RESOIL is a 100 % raw material. 100% organic.

Re improve the soil that has become acidic.
It neutralizes the soil acidity due to fertilizer and improves the soil to become more suitable for crops.

Responsible for water and nutrition retention.
It has a strong ability to retain water and nutrients of fertilizer.

Reactivates useful microorganisms.
By making this product living space, it activates useful microorganisms and alleviates the problem of continuous cropping.

Requiring no efforts in handling due to its softness.
The softness of this product makes it easy to mix into the soil and to be degraded by crop roots and microorganisms.

SOPI“RESOIL” 100% raw material from sugarcane bagasse ash.

Which maybe use also as:
Energy fuel,
Partial cement replacement material,
The raw material for ceramic
and many more.

Ways on how to use ReSoil:
1. take enough amount of ReSoil (just as what you need)
2. spread over the soil or just beneath the plant
3. mix it with soil and just that, simple and easy

Additional information:
For an expert, you can add manure and compost it to make it as fertilizer.