Fertilizer is a nutritional supporter intended to support plant growth. If you regard it as a human’s life, it is a daily diet. If crops do not eat, they shall die like starvation as human beings, so you need to regularly feed your crops.

The supporting parts of crops such as root, leaves, flowers, fruits and other depend on nutrients, so the shape and quantity of the fertilizer and the timing to give are different and depending on the growing stage of the plant such as "To make the fruit bigger to increase the harvest amount".

On the other hand, pesticides that are often used in making crops are done to prevent being eaten by insects and getting diseases. It is like the vaccination to prevent diseases and medication when people get sick.

When separating fertilizer by raw material, it can be roughly divided into two.

Organic fertilizer made from the shit of livestock animals, rice bran, leaves, and other natural origins.

Inorganic fertilizer is often called chemical fertilizer. It contains acid that reduces the soil beneficial organism that will interfere with plant growth and development.



                    -It has a 14% NPK ratio. It develops soil structure and increases soil nutrients. It has a slow release of nutrients for plants that last longer and more nutritious. Improves water holding capacity. And organic fertilizer is derived from raw materials and natural resources of which it is readily available right in your area. But since it is organic, it is made from natural resources and it gives better structure and nutrients, they are quite pricy than chemical fertilizers.



                  -Has a 20%-60% NPK ratio. It is rich in Three main macronutrients that are essential for plant growth and development. It has an immediate effect on the soil for growing plants faster than usual. Though chemical fertilizer has the highest content of macronutrients, it does have the high content of acidity which will affect your plants leading to burning the skin of the plants and can change the fertility resulting in plant dryness and less of nutrients. Since it is made from chemicals, the tendency is, plants and vegetables are chemically made that might risk every individual's health and environment.


             Organic products are much better to use than Chemically made products.