We produce our organic fertilizer "Organic Pure Brown" using the Philippines resources and our techniques.

Our 2 main natural resources are MUD PRESS and BOILER ash. They are coming from the sugar factory, instead of throwing it that will cause harmful effect into our environment that might risk the health of human beings, we collect them and recycle it into something very useful and environmentally-friendly product. Mud press is a by-product or residue of sugar cane that can be used as a fertilizer.

We introduce to you our product which is ORGANIC PURE BROWN. It is a fertilizer made from mud press of sugar cane. This fertilizer is beneficial to the environment, as it is made from natural resources. The result of using our product is such a great benefit to all! Since it is coming from sugar cane, it contains the right sugar content that will result in sweet and delicious and very nutritious vegetables and fruits. Our product will not just help the organic farmers grow crops and healthy plants, their lifestyle, and health, families but also the environment and human being.

The composting process that we do includes 5 stages, wherein we do make sure that before it will go through fermentation, it should be clean and free of unnecessary things that are not needed to produce our product. Fermentation began with transferring it to fermentation pit, leaving it for 14-21 days, the process called

DIGESTION, the drying stage whereas allowing the air to produce oxygen, increasing the good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria that need to be destroyed and increasing the nutrient content. The next step we do is the

GRANULATION process, wherein molasses and water are being mixed to maintain the exact moisture and temperature of the fertilizer and are being granulated, separating large granules from small granules and small granules are the ones we pack. Next is the

SCREENING process, this is where we finalized our product and check if it is ready for packing.

QUALITY CONTROL, where quality assurance goes through, checking if it has the right components of nutrients before sending it to distribution.

DISTRIBUTION is where we already packed the final products and ready to distribute it to our customers.